April 12, 2019

24 Offers In 24 Hours On One House & 300 Visitors At A Recent Open House + Tips On Today’s RE Market

she recently had a client offer $25,000 over asking price and was going to put 35% down on a condo in Belmont. Not even considered as a top 5 offer was the end result
April 10, 2019

The ONLY Way To Work Effectively With A Buyers Agent According To Medea Palandjian….

Ask any buyer's agent who has been practicing real estate for a while, and you'll hear sad stories from those buying agents who wished they had signed a buyer to a buyer’s broker agreement. I wanted to take time with you on this blog post to allow you to understand just how problematic NOT SIGNING a buyer’s broker agreement can be for both a buyer and a Real Estate agent. In defense of buyers, it's RARELY their fault… I’ve experienced first-hand how a Real Estate agent can forget to explain “how” the business side-of-things ACTUALLY works to clients.
April 6, 2019

3 Must Do Things To Do If You’re Looking To Maximize The Sale Of Your Home!

This Blog Post Shares Three Reasons Why These 5 Boston-Based Home Owners Walked-Away With W-A-Y More Money At Closing — In Less Then 7  Days On […]
April 5, 2019

3 Innovative Ways I’m Unorthodox, Yet HIGHLY Effective When Representing Buyers Or Sellers In Real Estate Deals In Boston & Beyond!!

Because I’m a 25 year veteran of taking real estate transactions to the closing table in the Greater Boston and Metro West areas of MA, I feel comfortable in saying the MOST IMPORTANT attribute a real estate agent must possess is the ability to stay flexible and strategic with their thinking, After all, and more now than ever, it’s a “dog-eat-dog” world out there… Thus, the BEST behaved (and MOST creative) pooch is going to almost always get their pick of the litter. Yes where having some fun before getting to business and I could go on-and-on about WHAT I BELIEVE MAKES A SUCCESSFUL REAL ESTATE AGENT, but I won’t. These 3 stories speak for themselves.
April 3, 2019

3 Ways To Win The “Bidding Wars” In The Boston/Metro-West Real Estate Marketplace!

Statistics as of June 1st indicate RIGHT NOW is presenting an ‘UNEARTHLY’ time to list a property in the Boston/Metro-West area of Massachusetts --- things are amazing right now! I say this confidently because my business HAS NEVER BEEN in such demand. People are looking for PROFIT PRODUCING guidance, SPOT-ON direction, and LOOKING TO PUT THEIR FAITH into an agent that can navigate today’s Real Estate market in a most effective manner. Throughout my 25 years working in Real Estate in the Greater Boston marketplace, I’ve realized (and learned to appreciate) how people prefer to learn, accept, and act on information in their own unique way(s).
April 1, 2019

5 Reasons Why Buying Or Selling At Charles River Towers In Watertown, MA Is An Excellent Investment!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve “come to grips” with the fact that buying an ‘ownership-stake’ in A DESIRABLE COMPLEX THAT IS PROPERLY OPERATED that’s located just minutes from ‘the heart’ of Boston is a situation that many Greater Boston Real Estate agents are finding less-and-less of these days. As anecdotal evidence will indicate below (see the chart below) Charles River Towers is not just a desirable place to live and a profitable investment... but you PRETTY MUCH can rest your head at night knowing you’ve made an EXTREMELY sound decision of where you call home or in buying a sound investment.
March 27, 2019

Looking To Sell Your Home Fast, Make Massive Money, And Find Your Next Home Hassle Free?

With so many deadlines to meet, places to go, and things to do, who has time to “sift and sort” through the expanding list of Real Estate agents that can ‘HOPEFULLY’ construct the right deal for you, earn/save you what you rightfully deserve for funds and allow for smooth sailing with your Real Estate transaction?